ERC Starting grant za dr. Frana Supeka za istraživanje u genetici tumora u Barceloni

Ana Bedalov (Split, Hrvatska), 8. Rujan 2017.

rubrika: Vijesti iz znanosti

Evo dobre vijesti iz Barcelone, dr.Fran Supek je dobio ERC Starting Grant!

    Fran Supek (b. Zagreb, Croatia, 1981), is among this year’s awardees in a highly competitive call: the ERC received 3,085 proposals, of which around 13% were funded. Fran Supek said:

  • “I am very pleased and honored to have received an ERC Starting Grant. ERC funding is immensely helpful for young independent researchers as it allows us to think in the long term and to focus on the most exciting scientific ideas.”
  • “The research proposed aims to pick up where the initial wave of tumour genome sequencing studies left off, making the best of the currently available genomic ‘big data’, while complementing it in a targeted manner by our own experiments,” explains Supek.

link: IRBarcelona

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