mjesto za doktoranda na Fizičkom odsjeku PMF-a (Zagreb); čvrsto stanje; eksperiment

Mihael Grbić (Zagreb, Hrvatska), 19. Kolovoz 2016.

rubrika: Fondovi-Stipendije-Posao-Natječaji

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oglašavam mjesto za doktoranda u sklopu UKF projekta Quantum CorES.

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Mihael Grbić


Laboratory: NMR laboratory for solid state NMR, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia
Thesis supervisor: asst. prof. Mihael S. GRBIC
Co-supervisor: Dr. Mladen HORVATIC (LNCMI, Grenoble, France)

Title: Investigating Kondo breakdown scenario in heavy fermion compounds by NMR

Project name: Quantum CorES (collaborative project between University of Zagreb and Laboratoire National des Champs Magnétiques Intenses, Grenoble)
Website of the project: quantumcores.phy.hr
Website of the group: nmr.phy.hr

We are looking for a motivated student with M.Sc. (Master’s degree or equivalent) from the field of experimental solid-state physics to apply to for a PhD position of the Unity Through Knowledge Fund (UKF) open in the Laboratory for solid state NMR, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb. The area of research is NMR in heavy fermion compounds.

Short description:
Most of materials for future technologies come from the class of strongly correlated electron systems (SCES). SCES materials usually feature extraordinary complex phase diagrams. Many of otherwise hidden properties of these systems can be efficiently revealed through their behaviour in the vicinity of continuous phase transitions – the so-called critical behaviour. Quantum phase transitions are tuned by pressure, magnetic field or chemical doping, and they occur at zero absolute temperature but their influence may spread to unexpectedly high temperatures.
Project will study yet unexplained phase transitions and phases of selected heavy fermion systems. We will employ nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technique. Experimental results will be coupled to theoretical analysis to test basic understanding of many-body quantum physics. The proposed investigations are technically very challenging and require application of extreme experimental conditions, such as high pressure and ultra-low temperature, as well as development of special techniques, such as ultra-low noise amplifiers. This will be provided through an interdisciplinary team. Through this project the study of HF systems will be revitalized in Europe, adding a new dimension to European research of exotic materials.

Interested applicants should send their applications or questions to mgrbic@phy.hr

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