Call for ERA Chair position for the Horizon 2020 project PaRaDeSEC at the Ruđer Bošković Institute Zagreb Croatia

Tome Anticic (zagreb, Hrvatska), 25. Srpanj 2015.

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The Horizon 2020 ERA Chair project „Expanding Potential in Particle and Radiation Detectors, Sensors and Electronics in Croatia“ is a 5-year project that started on July 1st 2015. The project provides funding for salaries of the ERA Chair – the leading researcher of the project, as well as for 4 postdoctoral researchers. They will jointly with the RBI staff consolidate the current and future RBI scientific and hardware resources related to the development and construction of research equipment for nuclear, particle and astro-particle physics into the new Center for Detectors, Sensors & Electronics (CDSE). On a longer time frame it is expected that CDSE activities will have a positive impact to the broader research community and national economy. This call is for the ERA Chair position, who will take the role of the CDSE Head. The Era Chair will also contribute to the ongoing structural changes at RBI through functions in the RBI managerial structures.
RBI is looking for outstanding candidate to fill the position of the CDSE head, who will:
• Hire 4 postdoctoral researchers to form a core team.
• In collaboration with RBI researchers define a work strategy and secure research funding for CDSE.
• As the Project coordinator lead implementation of the project work plan.
The expected qualifications for the ERA Chair, who should fulfil the criteria for R4 (leading researcher in the research field) according to the European Framework for Research Careers, are:
• internationally recognised researcher in nuclear or particle or astroparticle physics with an exceptional publication record. For example, an exceptional performance for a particle physics candidate would be 100+ papers in the best 25% journals in the field, main author of 15+ of these publications, number of citations larger than 5000, and an h-index larger than 30. Appropriate scaling between various research fields will be taken into account,
• proven record in securing significant research funding / budgets / resources,
• proven record of leading larger international research collaborations, spokesperson (proposer and leader) of experiments at top international accelerator laboratories, leader of projects on development, testing and construction of research infrastructure for nuclear and/or particle physics research,
• proven record of supervising PhD students and postdocs,
• proven record of organisation of international workshops and conferences, invited speaker at 15+ international conferences,
• referee for the best 25% journals in the field, evaluator of research grants and/or research institutions,
• proven record of management skills and abilities, head of organizational units at universities/institutes,
• preferentially 25+ years of experience in experimental nuclear/particle/astroparticle physics,
• excellent communication and networking skills within and outside the research community,
• excellent knowledge of English (written and spoken).
The ERA Chair position is a full time position, 40 working hours per week. Monthly salary before taxes is 8500 €. Envisaged job starting date is January 2016. Position is available until the project end.
Please send application by email to Receipt of the application will be acknowledged by email. Application deadline: 10. 10. 2015.
Additional information available at

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Radi se o 2.7 milijuna Eura Horizon 2020 ERA Chair projektu (najveći u RH za sada), i traži se vrhunski eksperimentalni fizicar. Plaća je za RH standarde izvrsna, proširite glas :-)

Preliminarna web strana je

Izabrani stručnjak će usko suradjivati i sa nekoliko vezanih Horizon2020 projekata na kojima je IRB aktivan, kao što je AIDA 2020 ( ), Eurofusion, Centar izvrsnosti za napredne materijale i senzore, te O-ZIP strukturnim projektom čija realizacija se očekuje oko 2018-te.

Očekuje se da će ERA Chair od IRB-a stvoriti svjetski poznati centar za razvoj detektora i senzora. Također se očekuje aktivna suradnja sa fakultetima sa vezanom tematikom rada, kao što je FER i PMF – fizika.

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