“Attempts to reform Croatian science stall”

Ana Bedalov (Split, Hrvatska), 15. Listopad 2012.

rubrika: Obrazovna politika,Osvrti,Znanstvena politika

Osvrt Miće Tatalovića na stanje u hrvatskoj znanstvenoj i visokoškolskoj politici za “Chemistry World”:

“The law proposed a series of changes, including contract-based funding of research activities. Two of the most controversial changes were limiting the number of professors who can work after 65, to give younger researchers a chance, and changing the promotion system for researchers. As the bar to promotion is currently so low there are a huge number of people in high ranking professorships: a third of the country’s researchers have the highest ranking job title, full professor.”

Attempts to reform Croatian science stall

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RobertW je rekao “This is really disappointing, even sad. Croatians deserve better from their government and from their universities.”
Jedino nisam sigurna zaslužujemo li uistinu bolje, ovako šutljivi i pokorni.

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